Blender Bone exporting not working (resolve)

This topic as nothing to do with jmonkey3.
I’ve been having a lot of issue with blender and ogre exporter. I’m unable to export anything with bones.
I’m getting this error every time I try.
Edit: using blender 2.75… maybe i should be using blender 2.69?

If you use ogre then you should select the object (seems in this case your character) in object mode and then export it. In the screenshot you posted it seems like you selected a bone of your skeleton.

If the solution above doesn’t work, then it could be that you are using an outdated ogre exporter. You might download a newer version from here:

Don’t worry i did download the new ogre exporter. But I think i finally got a solution. I will probably use the blend file and use the binary transformer.

And ogre is way to outdated… I m just scare my animation wont follow with the jme importer :frowning:

Yea… as i thought xD

Hmmm … For me Ogre works totally fine. I work with animations and stuff like that too. I even use motion capture animations and there is no problem. The last screenshot reminds me to this “common” apply location / rotation / scale problem :wink:

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Yea this one i know how to work it out, unless you mean i really absolutly need a rootbone with translation (0,0,0) and rotation(0,0,0) to use ogre exporter with animation?

Omg you are right… xD i though it was useless LOLLL