Blender Bone roll fixing


I am doing a retarget of an animation in blender. So far it looks ok, but now I need to change the roll of the edit bones to get it properly into jme. Does anybody know a good way to do this? I’ve made an prototype using the copy_rotation in world space constraint, but it twists the bone in the wrong directions (result is correct, but twisted too much)…

Any ideas appreciated!


With original rolls:

With resetted rolls:

I assume you use the Blender plugins provided by MakeHuman? If you do, there should be the option to edit a bone in the MakeWalk category.

No I don’t. I was trying to use them a lot - even described own target/source skeleton structure, but never with a 100% satisfying result… I use a custom plugin from manuelbastioni, which actually works like a charm and the result looks perfect… But the rolls are a problem when I want to use them in JME… It feels like I am finally so close to get the animations but these stupid rolls…

Perhaps you want to use Maud by @sgold to easily retarget your animations. It can save you a lot of time.
Maud update - Sept. 1, 2017 - YouTube.

I am aware of Maud, but I need to have it in blender for my morph library to work with. But thanks for the suggestion!