Blender export problem

Hey, could anyone please check this blender file and tell me what is the problem with it?

If I create .j3o from the .blend file it is black, if I create .j3o from the scene file or if I load the .mesh.xml directly then no matter which swap axis I select the model is missing parts or is just messed up. I have no idea what is the problem, I fixed the normals so it should not be the problem.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey man, it seems your mesh has no faces.

No faces? I’m almost certain it has faces…

At least it’s what my blender says, The face count is 0.

Ok, now I’ve got another problem: I’ve added armature and animated it and when I export the .mesh and .scene using the OgreExporter blender plugin it does not export the .skeleton.xml file (no armature or animations are exported). The very same thing with another model works well, what can be the reason?

@glaucomardano said: At least it's what my blender says, The face count is 0.

I don’t understand, for me there are faces…

This is what I meant:

Your model has no faces, only edges.

EDIT: I’m using blender 2.5, that’s might be the problem.


I have faces (and I’m using blender 2.68):

Do you have any idea why is blender not exporting my skeleton when I export the mesh?

And thanks for your help.

You have to assign bones to your armature.

I have one bone at the bottom of the handle of the pickaxe, is that not enough? Could you please explain to me in detail what should I do? Thanks!

Thanks for the link!

This is what you need to do:

-add->armature->single bone
-create a vertex group for your model, and assign all vertices to it. This vertex group must have the same name of the bone.
-Create an armature modifier, and set its object and bone properties.

That’s all.

EDIT: haha too late, just follow his link :).

Thanks a lot!