Blender Export – Strange Animation Result

I have created a very simple model (for an example a block) and animated it with one animation (walking).

I got the model loaded and textured correctly in die (the*) JME project (I am still using the .mesh.xml and .skeleton files).

When the animation is running, everything seems to run very differently from the resulting animation in blender. (for example instead of a walking type of animation the mesh becomes fatter and thinner??!!) Maby I am stuffing up somewhere. Can someone maby point me in the right direction.

@meeshter said:
die JME

how are you importing it? theres a few videos with help for importing models from blender:

Yes these are the videos I used to get to where I am now.

I am not currently using the JME3 platform but instead running my own netbeans, but using the required JME libs. Might this be a problem?

(I am using your nightly builds svn copy - compile everything but not sure how to start the jme platform from there unless I run it via my own netbeans)

I am importing using the assetManager in the code. Not using the jme3 platform import function.

i don’t think that would be the problem, but I highly recommend to download the jME3 SDK anyway as you get much more functionality. You can download nightly builds through it as well.

Are you using blender 6.23? and the blender2ogre exporter?

I am using:

  • Blender 2.62
  • The exporter provided with the jme sdk via its menu items (installed it on my blender)

i think the exporter provided by sdk is for blender 2.49, try the blender2ogre exporter

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Hi @meeshter: Check this thread Importing animations from blender 2.62 using ogre xml: things to check if you are getting problems

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I use JME SDK and netbeans side by side on my system depending on what I’m working on and it’s fine so I really don’t see any reason why you would use netbeans without the SDK.

Even the problem with SVN compatibility should be fixed Soon[tm] with the new JME SDK release that hopefully is coming soon based on 7.2 net beans.

Hi thank you to all, I have got everything working now.

Here is what I did:

I followed the guide @H provided in this thread - very helpful thank you very much!!! I was unaware of points 1,2 from:

and I centered the root bone. And exported using the exporter @wezrule hyperlinked - thank you very much.

@H I would just want to mention something here, please see the ***** indicated in [1,2]:

1- Apply Location, Rotation and Scate to the mesh on Blender: On 3D View editor on Blender, select the mesh in Object Mode and go to the 3D View Editor’s header → Object Menu → Apply → Location / Rotation / Scale *****.

2- Apply Location, Rotation and Scate to the armature on Blender: On 3D View editor on Blender, select the armature in Object Mode and go to the 3D View Editor’s header → Object Menu → Apply → Location / Rotation / Scale *****.

3- I moved my root bone to the model’s bottom center.

You had Location / Rotation / Location, which seems odd so I did it with Location / Rotation / Scale instead - is this correct?

Everything seems to be working well now - Im very happy to see it working now!


Hi @meeshter

I’ll fix that. Thanks!

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