Blender file importing issues

Hi monkeys!!! First of all, many congratulations for the beta release. It is simply awesome!!

Now, my trouble: my friends and I are trying to find a working pipeline to import a .blend file in JMP through the conversion system (.blend → j3o). This jobs works fine for static meshes with material but with animations we are finding many problems which are difficult to fix because one knows only JME and the pother knows only Blender. I’m a java developper and know knothing about blender and animations so i can’t find a workaround to import corrects animations.

What i need is a best practices-todo list that explain what is needed to do with blender to import correct files wuth aniomations. Maybe this topic have been yet discussed but i ca’t find it. So please, aswer me or link a page where this stuffs are explained and i hope you will not post the feature supported by the blender importer because we can’t fix our problem with it.

Thanks a lot, you are AWESOME!!! :smiley:

Its all written in the manual (press F1), copied from here:

Note that the blender importer still has some small issues and you should probably reside to OgreXML if you cannot get the functions to work.

Thanks, i read it before post here :wink: You told me to RDFM so I have understood the lesson XD

But what my friend says is that for complex animations and meshes it is really difficult to use the EMPTY VERTEX GROUPS type of vertex-bones assignment…

And with automatic weyght we are many probolems at all… So trying to do some tests with animated cube is acceptable, but trying to make a character walking is hard stuff with that technique…

Do you know when (obviously it is only for information and not a complaint :slight_smile: ) automatic weight animations could be used when importing from blender?

Thanks a lot

Well when theres time to implement it I guess :slight_smile: Its good if you do some research on that side though, giving feedback on what functions in blender could be translated how.