Blender import issue


I got blender model with animations.
I set off envelopes and bone envelopes, got root bone 0,0,0 and when i try to import .blend i get error:

Constraint named: ‘IK’ of type ‘Inverse kinematic’ is not implemented and will NOT be applied!
and also
plaszcz_low_Object001.001 has vertices with more than 4 weights assigned. The model may not behave as it should.

Hey @skatty

If you use the JME SDK please make sure that you have the latest updates. In plugins you need to pick up nightly builds as a source because blender importer is being improved much faster than SDK stable releases appear.
The newest version should be able to import the most simple Inverse Kinematics constraint - but it might yet look not 100% good. I am still working on it :wink:

As for the second warning, just make sure that the coat does not have vertices that are assigned to more than 4 bones. That is the current JME limitation.
And the root bone is added by the importer because if the model has unassigned vertices those will collapse in the (0, 0, 0) point and the mesh will be heavily disrupted. So I had to create such bone and assign all the unassigned verts to it.


Thanks for response. Will you find some time to take a look on my model? I can upload it for you

Yeah sure,

upload it and I will take a look :slight_smile: