Blender importer only animated model Y Z swapped?


Well maybee you, (or anyone else) have a Idea what could cause this:

Usually in blender when a model is standing on the grid, it is also standing ingame. Meanisng Y is up.

However I have a animated model now, which for some reason is in blender correctly, but in jme z up. Any idea what could cause this? Sadly due to license restriction I cannot post the models here, but I could send them by mail if necessary.

Well how do you import that model? If its directly, make sure you have the “fix y up” flag set on the BlenderKey.

I use

this.loadModel = this.assetManager.loadModel(relativeModel);

But using

final BlenderKey bl = new BlenderKey(relativeModel);
this.loadModel = this.assetManager.loadModel(bl);

does not change anything.

However ironically setting setFixUpAxis(false) does fix it for this model and break all others.
In blender all are correctly standing on the grid. So that they apper correctly inside the view.
Removing the armatur does lead to normal behaviour, So I think its a bug based on that.
However in blender itself the armature does work fine, does blender have some kind of way to allow saving it with y and z swapped and correct it only internally for the renderer?

Ok, I found the issue, apparently there was a second armature hidden in the model, that turned it sideways O.o …
Works now as expected