Blender Importer struggling with my Textures?

Hey there monkeys!

I tumbled upon the blender improter and hell… I love you guys for that. But! i dont get it to work properly. It dosnt take my texture-repeats and stuff… Here is the sample:

Image A as in blender render.

Image B as in Sceneviewer… ( The middle is displayed correct, btw. The light is just to bright to see in this perspective. :smiley: )

That hurts my eyes. Maybe i UVed wrong but the black spots look like normal problems to me and i doublechecked those. I even made some by hand so i guess they are right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… The pictures explain it. Are those known “bugs”, are the features not yet implemented? Or is it me, doing something wrong? oô


KuroSei, Monkey-Padawan.


If needed i can upload the .blend file, too, of course.

Right now the blend importer doesn’t support any “map input” modes other than UV. If you specify any scaling for the texture itself, that might not work either. You may have to scale the UVs directly to make it work

Ah, i see.

Thank you alot, i will try that out. Some trial and error never was bad :smiley: