Blender is killing me

Okay, for the past 1 month, I took the time to learn blender. I could replicate some good animations from tutorials. But the only reason I want to learn blender is to use it in jmonkey. And this is when it started getting really really painful. The nitty gritties in blender are too overwhelming. Can someone guide me to some good video tutorials for using blender with jmonkey. Something targeted for complete beginners like me.

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I’m still learning blender too. It his guy knows his eggs.

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I’m a complete noob at 3d modeling, but I found this channel VscopianC that explains a lot of stuff real slowly and repeats a lot, kinda like for complete dummies. I found it ideal for learning the basics of Blender if you have no previous 3d modeling experience.

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Here’s is the original goto guy for free blender learning.

Some of it is dated material but its not to hard to figure out what to do. His Rocket Steam Locomotive pdf is very fun.


What in particular are you interested in learning? Modelling objects/people/levels, UV unwrapping, skeleton animation or everything?

Blender can be very frustrating to learn but it’s an incredible tool when you do.

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If you go to 15 minutes in this video there’s a good example using blender to make and import a model into the into the engine. jME SDK Usecase Demo 2 - YouTube

This tutorial page is also a good reference for making all the details of a blender model compatible in JME

And this article was very useful to me when I was learning the basics of animation, but even more importantly the 8th step taught me how to use the “texture paint” option in blender which has been very helpful for making detailed textures in blender Animation Workflow.pdf - Google Drive.


Actually, I looking for a complete tutorial for using Blender in JME context. I did a bit about modelling and animation but getting all of those to work with JME is different ballgame. And very frustrating too,

Oh yes, I am most frustrated with skeleton animation.

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I may be talking from the other side of my body here, i avoid modelling as a rule, but i believe the GTLF importer is the star of the show these days. I.e. saving and importing them as such. Recent conversational and github activity seem to suggest so, at least.

Whats your workaround for avoiding modelling? Please share some tips. I am a total beginner in this.

I can make basic models but im not artistically inclined enough to ever be any good. I either generate them procedurally or buy them.

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Should probably list a couple of the heavy hitters here too.

CG Cookie deals in tutorials for a variety of modelling packages including Blender. Some tutorials are for paid members only, but there are plenty of free tuts. Mostly focused on stills and video animation, but there are some specifically about game asset creation.

My personal favorite is definitely Andrew Price’s Blender Guru. Tutorials are well thought out, easy to follow and usually concise. Blender Guru covers everything from modelling to post processing. While I don’t think there’s anything here specifically related to game asset creation the concepts and techniques you’ll learn here translate easily to game asset creation.

Of course there’s always

Thank you. This was very helpful.


Blender is the best and easy Software if you practice three to five hours daily you will become Blender master iI will recommend tutor4u
And blenderguru channel for beginners . Give 1 hour for tutorials and 2 hours for practice after three months you,ok feel better

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me too:
i cant export an animation without any problem.
I cant find a good model format to use in exporting animations…
and I think I must fuck the blender and ogre and other formats, because they are not useful at all. :anger: :angry::angry::angry::angry: :bomb:

Maybe gltf?

can I load it directly in jme 3.1? or can I convert it in spaceShift editor? or it needs to some jar libs?

Use either xbuf or gltf.
Both the sdk and jMB support these natively

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With learning path probably you can learn more effectively. I found this. But this for Blender NPR