Blender issue with multiple uv sets

@Kaelthas @mifth flipping the lightmap didd it! That’s what I missed in testing. Now the model looks like the ogre one.

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by the way the new model was exported with the adjusted blender importer from the sources.

@Kaelthas thank you for adding the optimization off by default!

I have another default change to ask you:
Can you make be default to import only visible layers? At present, all layers are imported.
I always store Hi-poly sculpted mesh in the same blend file. It would be cool if you change importing only visible layers by default.
@nehon are you agree with me?

Thank you.

At first that was the plan. But this caused some troubles.
For example when armature was moved to another layer that was disabled , then I had errors while loading armature modifier.
That is why I made the importer to load all layers by default.

I could add such setting and apply it to nodes only. And load everything that is needed for modifiers and such stuff, ignoring layer visibility settings in such cases.

@mifth said: @nehon are you agree with me?
Well...tbh I'd like to be able to select what i want to import from my blend files. Very often I have several cams, and several lights for rendering purpose, and some additional objects that i don't want. So usually i end up doing a file with only what i want to import. idk about hidden layers...

I don’t think that hidden layers should not be imported, I use them for lod, and just let a control do the work.