Blender Loader and Lights


I am currently trying out the Blender loader with jME 3 nightly 2011-08-31 (awesome work, by the way, thanks to who made this happen!) and have noticed that any lights that I add to the scene do not seem to affect the scene at all. (When I load the file into jME, everything is pitch black; adding a light manually reveals that everything else was correctly imported, though.)

Upon further introspection, it seems that for every light, a separate object is created, and the light attached to that, which means that it only affects the light object itself (which makes the light useless). Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the Blender loader? Thanks in advance.

You can ask @Kaelthas here (he is a developer of that plugin):

It is fixed now

Great, thanks! I’ll try it today.