Blender Loader now in jME3 core


the .blend file loader that has been available in the jMP update center for a while has now been moved to the jME3 and jMP core. This means .blend file support will from now on come out of the box with jME3 and jMP. At the moment you still have to install the plugin in jMP because it was not included in alpha-4. Enable the nightly update center to get access to the new version of the blender loader and select it from the “Available Plugins” list. If you already have the plugin installed from the contributions update center, the new version will replace the old version just like any normal update.

So, celebrate @Kaelthas for his great work on this loader, test it and report back when you encounter any problems. Also, expect much tighter integration between jMonkeyPlatform and Blender very soon, like using .blend files like asset packs to drag&drop models into a scene and more.




um is there a notepage some where that outlines what’s supported what’s not and such the like… 2.49 or 2.5x or both…been only able the pass a fast eye on the forums so I miss stuff

thanks in advance

um no, but it supports 2.49 and 2.57 and everything ogre supports and more


You mean… I… We can load .blend files without going through the violent, furious gauntlet of converting? Barely audible explosion

My mind just exploded. Ow.

But really. That is awesome @Kaelthas. Can’t wait to give this a try when I eventually get back to working with jME again. :slight_smile:


Well using .blend files directly in a game makes few sense, the file contains way too much useless data and the import process is too complicated to do it each time, but yeah, you can import and convert .blend in jMP and jME3 directly now and we will care if it works or not :wink:


Go check out Blendswap for sample models to throw at the loader.

Note: Make sure the model was made with Blender 2.57 or later. Previous versions are unstable and incompatible.

Note 2: Oh yeah, and 2.49 (former stable) is supported as well, but not the development versions in between.

Sooooo? which is it really, both, but expect 2.49 files to crash or fail more often than not…which really mean 2.57+

and when you say made…what does that mean a 2.49 file saved over as 2.57+ would have issues that may cause them not to work because as it stands I have to “process” 2.49 files through 2.55 to get rid of interface incompatibility issues between 2.56+ versions and 2.49b

I still prefer 2.49 for modelling, rigging, materials… if /i could have still use the F keys to traverse buttons panel…or what ever they call it now I would not have minded so much did manage to change shift+A back to spacebar for 3d view atleast but …i’m rambling now so I digress

…2.57 for final export :? saving over is ok :? appending is advised or recommended :? I think a concrete decision will lead to less headaches

thanks in advance

Erlend is talking about the beta versions of blender 2.5. In the importer, 2.49 and 2.57 are supported, 2.50 to 2.56 not. I think you will have less headaches when you actually use the importer and post then instead of the other way round…


Great news! Is there a tutorial for this? Or can I just specify .blend files in the model loader?

Yeah, you can load and convert .blend files like ogre files.


Hmm, I do not think it right.

how to install the plugin

this plugin comes in updates JME3-alpha?

or have to download?

If you have to download the blender loader … someone pass me the link please?


The functionality to load .blend files is built into jme3 now, to load blend files in jMP you currently have to install the plugin via the update center (Tools->Plugins) and have the nightly update center enabled.

Nice stuff. Good to see that you got the Blender-JME3 bridge tighter. Looking forward to animations import!

Thx to all people involved!

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Congratulations! Thats what i wanned 0.5 year ago. Thanks to core devs and @Kaelthas!!!

Just another feature request. If I may. :slight_smile:

Blender has 20 layers. Is it possible to load not all layers? Sometimes I leave hi-resolution meshes (for baking) with a game model. It would be cool to load only the game model. Or load only visible layers?

Actually the blend file contains way too much info to simply know what to load, the model loader loads and combines only data thats relevant to models. I guess it should be possible to make it so that only activated layers are imported.

Hi everyone,

I’m really hapy to see that importer in jme core :slight_smile: I hope it will become better and better, especially now when more people will (I hope so) use it :wink:

As for what I saw in several other posts:

  1. The blender version

    Currently version 2.49 and 2.57 is supported. But I belive that most files between those versions will also be loaded.

    Probably many models from earlier than 2.49 versions will load correctly too.

    Everything depends on how much the data structures in blender files are different between the versions.

    I will give it a try one day :slight_smile:
  2. The blender layers

    I didn’t look into belnder layers before but I think it is quite important. Probably I’ll add an option to blender key which layers to load.

    And by default only active layers will be loaded.

    Maybe I’ll add it today after I commit improves to particles importing :wink:

    And for people interested in using blender I’ll give an overall summary on what is supported:
  3. Loading meshes (but that is obvious :wink: )
  4. Loading curves and NURBS surfaces.
  5. Loading materials (textures, vertex painting, textures mapping to color, normals, shinines etc.)
  6. Loading textures (but UV mapping needs to be done for now - hope to change it in a future)

    a) textures loaded from image

    b) all generated textures
  7. Loading animation without IK constraints.
  8. Loading array, particle and aramtrure modifiers (hope to import more in a future)
  9. Some constraints are loaded (position, rotation etc.), Inverse Kinematics is not yet supported so animations may look inclomplete with it.
  10. Loading particles from emitters coming soon (I have the code already working).

    Hope everyone will enjoy it and give me your opinions as well as point me the bugs :slight_smile:

    I’m sure there will be plenty because the file is quite complicated.

    And if there is anyone who knows blender good enough to prepare some test files please pm me :slight_smile:



@Kaelthas I think I love you :slight_smile:

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And now I have more admirers here after one day than on a ‘Dating portal’ after several weeks :smiley:

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