Blender Loader – texCoord2 support [REQUEST]


I would like to ask texCoord2 support for blender models. At present, it’s possible to get only texCoord1, but LightMaps require texCoord2 support.

I tested Blender’s meshes for TexCoord2, but it makes NULL Exception:


System.out.println(geom_sc.getMesh().getBuffer(VertexBuffer.Type.TexCoord2).toString() + " texCoord2"); // NULL Exception


So, I would like to ask Core Devs and @Kaelthas for texCoord2 support. It’s really vital in many cases. By the way, Ogre.xml supports up to texCoord8 and blender only texCoord1. :frowning:

Here is my screenshot of explanation:

LightMap looks like:


I agree all tex coord should be imported.

Me too :|.

Me three. I use this a lot, plus it good to see Lighting has been updated to support this also (not sure when that slipped in, no doubt ages ago :wink: )

Yeah!! we need to get it from blender.

I tried my scene with Lightmaps and Ogre importer. Very nice result. I hope blender will be able to make it too.


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@Kaelthas sorry to bump this, but could you please look into it?
I tried to look in the blender loader code, but I dug way down to the MeshBuilder and got stuck when reading the data from the blend file structure.

Also I noticed something in MeshHelper that could be a problem.
Line 226 to 238 you use the same texCoord VertexBuffer for several meshes. That can be an issue, , you would create one different buffer for each mesh.