Blender mesh export

Hey guys

i know i know … this kind of thread is often made… but i looked up into at least 20 of these and dont find an answer to my problem

my problem is :

i can export a mesh.xml

but i cant export the animations for these …

i use blender 2.49b with a working ogre mesh exporter

for example

i have this sword.obj

i want an animation to swing it

(step by step now)

so i m going to blender

import model

(set a material)

then make a basis keyshape

another keyshape (go to edit mode and rotate it)

then i use the actioneditor to add this on the timeline (for example frame 1-20)

now i want to export :

add pose (frame 1-20)

and export

did i made a fatal mistake anywhere?

sorry to be kinda stupid…but i sit in front of my pc like weeks (actually just days) and cant get it to work …

would appreciate it for any hints u can give me :frowning:

btw … shapekeys deform my object … but if i dont use shape keys the exporter tells me that it has to bind on a shape key…any advice for this kind of problem too?

thx in advance


Did you read these:

thank u … i read the first link earlier, but it seems not to be good enough… but the second one is new for me… i ll try it out :slight_smile:


yeah !

thank u for the link

it worked and i m relieved! :slight_smile:

um additionally does jme importer or ogre support vertex anims(morphs) and object transform because I think thats what heshe is trying to import…it should probably be made “clear” from the get go.

There is no pose animation supported, only bone animation atm.

thx for the hints… i just wanted to know how to export the animations with the model …

didnt know that i really HAVE to use the bone-function … so it was a misunderstanding of the general concept of animation in the first place.

since it works now, and i got a idea, of how much work/time it will take to animate (just simple. close movements) i m fine now :slight_smile:



Pose and morph animation are on the to do list

We decided not to implement them from now since they are generally not used very often, bone animation is the preferred method.

However for some purposes such as facial animation they are more preferable so it is worth considering.

A lot of games use bones for facial animations too…Sinbad does too…

But yes, I guess pose anim is easier for very detailed animation.

I can implement it if you want I’m in the animation mood these times :stuck_out_tongue: