Blender multi geometry support

Hi i made a few geometries in blender ,some of them composed of two or more pices.
Lets say a make a cube and then an other cube,when i import them they work pretty fine,well lets say they exists :smiley: Now some time ago when i was reading tutorial i noticed it says you cant import stuff like that,and some thing will go really bad if u do(was alot time ago) and now it seems to work. SOO
My question is are there still any limits on this type of geometries? What can i do and what i can not?
Lets say i want a house made of briks,and want to run in it,or lets say i want a mega robot made of briks,animated briks… what is possible and what it to forget?

You can export multiple geometries, even geometries with multiple materials.

There are some modifiers which might not be supported, what you can do in this case, this is what I do, I got a blender export script which creates a copy of a file with applied modifiers.

and what about animation for multiple geometries? in guide it says it cant

From my experience, if your animated model is made of different geometries then you just need to select all the geometries in blender and join them with ctrl-j, and then the ogre exporter will export it as normal and it should work.

And if you ever need to take the pieces back apart to edit the model in blender, you can go in edit mode, press P, and then choose “seperate by loose parts”

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