Blender multiresolution normalmap creation tutorial


i decided to share this informations with people who could have problems with it. because myself i had some problems

there are many programs to make automatic normalMap, but it don’t look like we want to.

but how to make it in blender?

first, create a mesh:

add multiresolution modifier to this object:

“Previev” should not be 0! because normal map is then “no precise”. “Previev” should be not too less and not too much.

so here is preview 1:

and now take “Sculpt Mode” and make highPoly mesh you like to have.

i made something ugly:

and now is time to bake it, go into render window like here:


blender have it’s own standards, so it have flipped normal colors.

we need to fix it. it can be done easly in Node system like here:

and here is configuration:

and we have ready to use in JME Lighting Material normalMap :slight_smile:


Oh this is cool info, thanks! We should add it to the blender page in the wiki:

If you find the time to do it, please upload the images to the wiki, else they cannot be transferred to the manual properly.


done, do you want me to write contents? or you will make it?

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Cool, well since you did it yourself just now, if you could do that too it would be awesome.

ok i will, just give me some time :slight_smile:

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Oh the green channel flipping thing is really nice!

well done

oh, thanks you.

wiki page updated, check if something need to be changed.


Awesome, thanks, I’ll check.

Alright, cleaned it up a bit. That page is becoming a one-stop location for all blender infos, really nice ^^

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