Blender .obj File

No, in the “warning sign window”. That one just says that the model could not be loaded.

ah okay i can load the model but it only appears as a blenderfile. then i’ve tried to export it to a j3o binary and these errors are the errors of the export…

it’s fixed in nightly builds. Only blender 2.62 is supported.

okay thanks i try it after dinner…

@tommy5696 said:
okay thanks i try it after dinner...

Just starting out with all this I strongly suggest _not_ using nightly.

but i need the model! i’ll have to do this, but for more ideas, i’ll continue working tomorrow.

The following OBJ export parameters work well for my model with blender 2.63 and JME3 beta:

. include normals

. include uvs

. materials

. objects as obj

. objects as obj group

. material group

. keep vertex order

Hope that helps, in case you haven’t solved your problem yet.