Blender ogre exporter / materiasl

Hi everybody!

I have a problem when i export a model form blender to .mesh .skeleton .material with the ogre exporter. The last time when i exported my model form blender 1 month ago it was only exported with: 1 SCENE file, .mesh.xml file and 1 material file(Including all the textures). That was easy to load form jmonkey. I have exported the same model yesterday and it exports me the same, but instead of 1 material file, it exports me 1 material file for each texture i have.

My question is, why is this happening? it is the same model!

Is there a way to export only one material file? If not, how can i load all this materials into my spatial in the jmonkey?

The code of how i load the previous material is this:
MaterialList matList = (MaterialList) assetManager.loadAsset(“Fighters/Player3/Character.material”);
OgreMeshKey key = new OgreMeshKey(“Fighters/Player3/Character.mesh.xml”, matList);
PlayerNode = (Node) assetManager.loadAsset(key);

How can i load more than one material?

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Ask how you can export only one material.

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How can i export all the textures in one material from blender?

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lol, srsly? Okay, I’ll rephrase: Look into how you can export one material instead of trying to import multiple.


OK. I have it! For those who have my problem: When you click to exporte to ogre theres a litlle panel in the left of the window, there is an option named: separate materials. Uncheck this box and it will export you all your textures in one single material!

Thank you all!