Blender->Ogre->JMonkey animation?

@mifth :

glaucomardano said:

the only way is to use 2.49 at moment.

Thanks man! I saw your topic… I have just come to this too. :frowning:

It’s really terrible to use 2.49.

oxplay2 said:
for example i have models (character, shield, weapon) in one blend file assigned to one same armature.

and i would use blend 2.56 with animation named system. Will it be possible to import as j3o each element separately?

becouse now using 2.49 i must assign to each object each animation names list, and each element export to ogre separately ;/

just export the .scene file together the .mesh.xml files and .material files and import them into jmp. After imported, just convert the .scene to .j3o file, and you will have a complete scene with camera, lamp and models ;) .

@glaucomardano: read again what i wrote :wink: i know its hard to understand what i mean

i want them separately, but “by one click”. so i ask if it is possible in this blender loader

for 100 armors/weapons/boots/helmets/etc for character it must be loaded separately. But its devil to export it manually, dont you think?

You can copy all files to the projects assets folder, select them all and then press the “convert” button.

Hmm, then you wanna generate a .j3o file for each model inside a blend file? The j3o converter doesn’t do it, you have to do it yourself.

Ah. Hm yeah… what you could do maybe is write a little app to do it for you, load the blend and save the separate j3o files… Or even a plugin or extension to the blender support plugin to add this option to blend files? :slight_smile:

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@mifth : It looks animations are working fine for BlenderLoader, I did a test today at midnight :

You could use it while 2.5x / 2.6 ogre animation is being fixed.

I answered you here: