Blender related animation question

I know JME handles multiple animChannels… so I assume this is possible,

However, if anyone has experience with the following and would be willing to give an overview explanation… it would be GREATLY appreciated.

I would like to do the following:

Split a mesh’s armature skeleton into two separate skeletons… 1 for the upper half of the body and one for the lower half. Reason is, I would like a player to be able to do things like run AND fight at the same time. I understand the JME side of this and have it implemented to meet my needs atm. However, I am not exactly sure how to implement multiple skeletons/pose libraries associated with a single mesh and have the action editor respond appropriately. Things get really weird at this point.

Me love you long time for answers!

You do not need to do that, just make sure that your attack animation only contains the bones needed for the attack animation (in blender). This way you can either mix them into other animations using multiple channels or you can separate the bones for each animation channel (you can assign a set of bones for each channel).

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I think I understand.

Soooo… I would eval the current state of the player

Stationary and attacking:

Lower bone structure defaults to an attack pose for those bones while upper half uses the animation for say… dual wield attacking.

Moving and attack:

Lower bone structure is either walking or running while upper half uses the same as above.

I’ll have to look into the animation class structure a bit more to understand how the channels/bones are broken down, etc. I am sure it is fairly self-explanatory.

Thanks a ton!!

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There is an example of multiple channel bone animation in TestComplexOgreAnim, it can help too