Blender skybox tutorial

I wrote down what I’ve learned about creating skybox textures in blender (the basics). Please feel free to correct, add, remove as you see fit :slight_smile:


Hey, thats awesome, thanks!

We could actually use the SDK image editor for splitting the image but idk if its exact enough to do that… If not we should probably extend it :slight_smile:

very cool man :slight_smile: thanks for this

@jmaasing Thanks, well explained, I never thought of trying that. :slight_smile:

@normen Which image editor, the skybox wizard? Can you extend it so it offers to cut up images in different ways?

@Ruth: The image editor… :slight_smile: Right-click file “edit image”…

:o I can haz… image editorz?? I never noticed. :smiley: :roll:

@zathras said:
:o I can haz... image editorz?? I never noticed. :D :roll:

The SDK is more code than the engine by now, guess it has to be good for something ;) :D