Blender support – empty nodes (empties support)

Hello friends!!!

I would like to request support of Empty objects (in blender) to convert them as empty nodes with scale, rotation and location. It would be cool to use blender as level editor.

I did it with boxes, but with empties i wouldn’t delete unused geometry.

Or is it possible to make a dialog for converting meshed with feature “Convert as empty nodes”?

Thank you very much!!!

Aren’t empties exported with ogre .scene format?

I don’t use ogre, but I use blender. So this request is related to blender. This is a vital feature for me as a level creator. I hope you are able to find some time for this. Thank you, devs!!!

Sadly nobody is working on the .blend importer right now. Pgi, the creator, left the community and nobody picked up the code yet. Still we hope somebody does soon.

Pgi scooted off? :frowning:

I found his rolling madness document extremely insightful on streamlining things in ways I hadn’t considered… Sad to see him go if you’re right… :cry:


@pgi did indeed leave. Permanently until further notice so to speak. More on that and the overall status on the Blender Loader plugin here: