Blender Support

Hi all,

I brain wave just hit me again! LOL, well, we can get blender models support. I email the chaps over at blender HQ and see what they think.

If they are interested enough, they might even gives us a push, or two.

This means we are closing the topic for creating our own format for now?

I’m leaning towards just supporting 3DS, ala RenderWare. I’ve started feeling this way after the custom model format discussion thread basically was a “Please put X like 3DS has”. So, if we can handle 3DS and do it damn well, where any 3DS file thrown at it comes up, I think we will have a fantastic model foundation. However, feel free to disagree, this is simply my opinion and no real decision is being made.

I think that creating a very, very good 3ds loader is an excellent solution for the time being. Once we have that foundation we can consider our own format, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble yet.

I,m for anything that supports tonnes of detail

about the logo I always thought the look was deliberate…it’s kinda funky and goes with the monkey thing.

Would this architecture support writing importers for other formats or do i have to write a 3DS - exporter for my favorite tool then ?

There are a great many conversion tools out there that handle exporting to 3ds format. If these don’t handle a given format, the format is likely “obscure” enough that we probably wouldn’t write a jME importer for it anyhow. (That’s not to say you couldn’t.)