Blender tutorial on maze modelling?

hi…i just installed blender on my pc, and now looking for a tutorial on maze modelling…

anyone having good tutorials on it,preferraby not video ones

not exactly maze modelling, but a great resource :

start with a quad, make your maze, then extrude it up

btw, mazes like:

can be easily made with heigthmaps ([]=terrain)


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Why not write a procedural mazegenerator based on a depthfirst-algorithm which returns a 2D array of WallTiles. Create a Mesh based on that then.

Its easy and relatively fast. I wrote a mazegenerator for infinite mazes a while ago tiling mazes for unlimited size. Was pretty fun to implement it. A bit hard though since those were my first steps with CustomMeshs. :smiley:

If you need mazes thats the way to go since you will need more then one, eh?

I liked the @kernproblem method, btw blender does that very easily with the “displacement” feature. Take a look:

hi all…

i hav finally modelled a maze in blender…now can i directly fetch in my jme app or do i nee to convert to xml format?

h all…

i can import blender model in my jme app. But I have 2 issues:

  1. How to impart it real life looks like shading , depth etc as currently its all same color and hence just looks like a closed box.
  2. In blender how to make a circular slot on a surface.

    In my maze model I just made a plane,subdivided it, selected my path, extruded.Now I want to make holes.

    How to make it.And also model is hollow, do I need to fill it and how is that done…any idea?


1: use material “Common/MatDefs/Terrain/TerrainLighting.j3md” and add light to the sence.

1-OgreMeshesExporter can’t exporter all material features from blender. Keep in mind that blender is for both OpenGL(real time, directly on gpu) rendering and Static rendering(when you press f12), then when you see you model rendered when you press f12, it doesn’t mean it can be rendered the same way with OpenGL. j3m (jme materials) does support more features than ogre, take a Look at the Materials overview so you can see what are the features that you need

2-Most blender tutorial sites teaches that. You use the “boolean” modifier.