Blender update July 1, 2015

I noticed blender has a new update as of July 1, 2015 (vers 2.75). If I create new models in this newer version of blender will they import into jmonkey correctly. Cuurent jmonkey sdk download includes blender 2.69. According to jmonkey documentation they package their version of blender in the sdk download to maintain compatibility with jmonkey. This question is being asked because i am new to jmonkey and blender.
Thank you

How about you try it and tell us?

Would be good to know, I gotta know if we should upgrade for the 3.1 release or not.

does this help. I modeled a crappy tree really quick with no texture in blender 2.75. then i imported it looks fine to me. I cant speak for animation as im not that good at blender.

theres too much fps

Afaik it does work totally fine with Ogre. Didn’t try animations tho but a fairly complex model worked fine (multiple textures and materials, more then 10k vertices)

FPS is love FPS is life

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I never managed to get the ogre exporter working in newer versions, so keep blender 2.69 installed just for exporting ^^