Blender2.56 ogreDotScene problem with materials

hi i use blender 2.56 to modeling a scene i make materials with textures i load jpg

it will successfully export all meshes, scene and material data and copy the textures as jpg

when i view the scene in the modelviewer at jmonkeyplatform i see all is red and no materials or texture on it i try to export one mesh and one material and rename the material as the mesh and the same no material

i think that the jme can not read the material file ??

i use this plugin

i have the version 3.0b

can u help me pleas?

The material file has to have the same name as the scene or mesh file. Also check the help of the exporter for supported settings, the textures may not be packed in the blender file. Also check the pdf at the end of the hello assets tutorial for a tutorial on exporting from blender.

i rename the material to the same name as the scene model is but nothing changed it shows the standard material from the jme

is the only way to export textures as UV?

than its that the problem why i cant see tthe textures

i exportet the textures as not as UV

Yes, game 3d objects have other requirements than objects for static renders like in blender.

cool thank you