blender2Ogre-0.5.7 has some changes

When I import a model from blender2Ogre-0.5.7 I get the name of a Geometry as a name of a Material.

Example (Cube.mesh.xml file):

[xml] <submeshes>

<submesh usesharedvertices="true" material="bb01" use32bitindexes="False">

<faces count="12">

<face v1="0" v2="1" v3="2"/>

<face v1="3" v2="4" v3="5"/>

<face v1="6" v2="7" v3="8"/>

<face v1="9" v2="10" v3="11"/>

<face v1="12" v2="13" v3="14"/>

<face v1="15" v2="16" v3="17"/>

<face v1="18" v2="0" v3="2"/>

<face v1="4" v2="19" v3="5"/>

<face v1="20" v2="21" v3="22"/>

<face v1="23" v2="24" v3="25"/>

<face v1="26" v2="27" v3="28"/>

<face v1="29" v2="30" v3="31"/>





<submesh index="0" name="bb01">



Material name is bb01. But i get Geometry as bb01 in JME (not as Cube).


The problem is in this new line:

[xml]<submesh index="0" name="bb01">[/xml]