Blender2Ogre render problem! (Sooo close)

I got all the way to the User Preferences screen with an installed OGRE Exporter (.scene, .mesh, .skeleton) and RealXtend (.txml). It is install is even showing up. However when I close the “User Preferences window,” the ? on info window doesn’t turn a refresh button, the info bar doesn’t automatically switch to the Ogre bar, and as a result Ogre Meshy" isn’t popping up and exporting my file. I am using Blender 2.58 as I have Character development in Blender 2.5 by Johnathan Williams. I followed the instructions on the following video.
Blender 2.5x basic mesh export tutorial - YouTube (1:31 is where I lost him)
All my addon downloads support the Blender 2.58, there are no more errors in the Python Compile above the menu bar when I close the User Preferences with everything checked.

Is there any alternate paths for initiating the export once you have it everything checked in User Preferences? The top is what shows up. I dragged the compile info, but best I can tell I fixed all the errors

The bottom is what should show up, but that is just a snapshot of the video I was following.

Don’t you have an “Export as” button under “File” or anything similar?

I can export it as a scene, but but that just generates a scene file with a bunch of materials. It says Export as (Ogre3D .scene and .mesh) though

Just export is a scene and use only files you need,like the mesh.xml ones if you’re looking for a naked model.

What if I wanted a fully animated and textured model made of the correct materials. Will the files generated from the scene export suffice?

Exporting Character Model from Blender to Ogre XML

You can use latest version of blender.


PS: Recommendation is to use JME Xbuf loader or blender loader.

Yes,but you must be sure to copy material and skeleton files too in the same asset folder of your mesh’ one.