BlenderKey problem?

Hello Everyone

I’d like to ask about little problem I’ve got here right now. I’m tottaly noob about Jmonkey and I’m doing tutorials right now. I’ve just read about Application at states → So I’ve created JmeTest project in Jme 3 sdk. For some strange reason SDK is showing this error error: cannot find symbol

import com.jme3.asset.BlenderKey;
at and at package jme3test.model.anim. So I downloaded jME3_2012-02-07 2 days ago, look inside com.jme.asset and there is not such file called I’ve to admit that I’m tottaly lost right now. Cos I can’t compile simple test examples due to this error. Pls help and thx a lot.

You are wrong, the message doesn’t imply that the build failed. By default the game projects do not include the blender loader as you are not expected to load blender models in-game, its a way too lengthy process for that. Also, update to the latest stable version.

THX a lot. Now its working. I didn’t know that blender loader must be included.

:roll: Again, it doesn’t have to be included and your build doesn’t fail when you see that message.

Yeah, but it isnt working without it. With it, its working, probably need restart maybe. Important is that its working :smiley: