Blending animations

Hi everybody.

I think that "blendable animations" whould be a great feature.

This imply to have a Skeletal object compound by a hierarchy of Bones objects.

Just suppose to have a character with two animations: "Walk" and "Shoot". You could play (looping) the walk animation on the whole skeleton. Then you could play the "Shoot" animation only on the "right arm" of the skeleton, while the character is still walking.

By this way you could mix multiple (and independent) animations together.

Do you think it could be possible?


yes, this would be a fantastic feature. It will be keep in mind when we start reworking the model loading and animation system.

does that mean that we can have smooth transfers from one animation to another? That would be brilliant

Well, no. That means that you can "mix" different animations together. You could play indipendent animations on different part of the skeleton at the same time.