Blink or changing colors

I've got another question that must be pretty easy to solve. I have a lot of object loaded from .obj or .jme. I want to make some of them blink to get the attention of the user. I have tried to change the color of the object but I wasn't successful. So until I found the solution I have decided to use two different objet and make them appear and disapear  to emulate the blink. But I'm pretty sure that this method isn't really cpu friendly.

I will be very grateful if someone could provide an exemple or an idea to do the blink.

maybe you can create a MaterialState with a bright emissive Color and enable/disable this to create the blinking effect.

I use an array of material states.

just set the next state on event, update render state, all good.

you will need to provide external timing (or link it into a timer in the update(float) method)


Did you got this?

I have the same problem

Very stupid question… have you considered using alpha to have the object appear disappear to handle the blinking? Seems that this would be an easy way to solve this.

if you just want to make it appear and disappear, without any interpolation, you could use setCullHint on the object. I don’t know what is better tho

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Wezrule’s solution is better, if you don’t want to see an object, the best solution is to not render it.