Block Basher Released! – Android Game v.1.0.2

Updated 1/19/13:
Full version of the game is available to purchase on google play. Demo version is available for download as well. Please spread the word and rate this app (5 star would be great or even a small review in the google play store :wink: ). Thanks to all of the post and comments during the beta.

I will like to introduce my android game called ‘Block Basher’. It is a unique 3D physics puzzle game where structures of blocks containing unique colored blocks must me knocked down in the least amount of throws possible. Use a combination of wit, brute force, Nitro blocks, Pop blocks, and Implosion blocks to cause destruction to the structures.

Demo Version - First 15 levels of the game and 1 unlockable

Full Version - 50 levels and 5 unlockables

Thanks for any feedback and enjoy


Looks really nice from your screenshots but I don’t own an Android 4 phone so unfortunately I’m not able to test it :frowning:

Just played all 15 levels, haven’t managed to do the last onr on gold yet :P. The concept is simple, and you have expanded on it nicely, this is an ideal casual android game, well done.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks wezrule for the comment. A quick question with the levels difficulty. How easy was it to get Gold. What I mean was did you have to play the levels a couple of times or did you get gold easily on most of the levels.


Works great on a Motorola Xoom Tablet. Good job!

To be clear, this is made with jMonkeyEngine 3, right?

Will be testing on my Nexus S right now. Looks very impressive. 3D physics on Android is no joke! Are you using native Bullet Physics or something else?

Yep this is made 100% with jMonkeyEngine 3 (beside blender, and gimp for models and textures). I am using the Bullet physics provided by jme3. I am assuming that it use native based on what I have read on this site.

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Played it. Neat little game. Made it to the glass window level.
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 4.0.4

Good Tutorial Levels
Level Picker
Fun Game play

Not sure if it was my Tablet or the game but I could never rotate up or down . Only around the Z axis.
The Touch GUI moved from level to level
Sometimes the ball would not shoot toward the crosshairs after rotating.
Holding down the target would rotate the screen so sometimes my swiping to throw would rotate the crosshairs
Maybe add a second button to shoot?

Stuff I would like to know:
What OS do you develop in?
What IDE? jMonkeyIDE or Eclipse

How did you do your builds? IDE or ANT
What jMonkey Jars did you include in the builds?
Did you use nifty for the GUIs and Block Descriptions?

Awesome Job , very inspiring :slight_smile:

I will add a review to the android market as soon as it registers that I installed the app


Nice and polished, great work!

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into your notes gblutzer. I redid the joystick so you might be some problems with it as you are reporting. I am not sure what you mean about “The Touch GUI moved from level to level”. Is it the ‘Tap to continue’?

To answer your questions

I developed on my linux (ubuntu 12.04-12.10) system.
I used jmonkey3 IDE. The only time I used eclipse was to sign the apk to put it on the market.

How I built it:
Within jmonkey 3 in the project tab expand ‘import files’ right-click on ‘build file’ and selected ‘Run Target -> other Target -> run-Android’
Jme compiled the project into an apk. I had my phone plug into the computer and jmonkey installed it automatically.

How I signed it:
I open up eclipse. Make sure you have android plugins installed in elipse. I imported my jmonkey 3 project and then right-click on the project and select ‘Android Tools -> Export Signed Apk’ followed the steps to create a key and saved my signed apk.

Jmonkey jars include:
jme3 (core egnine)
jme3-libraries-physics-native (physics)
jme3-libraries-lwjgl-minimum (graphics)
jme3-libraries-terrian (not sure need it though)
jme3-libraries-blender (load my blender files)
jme3-libraries-oogvorbis (for sound)

Did I use Nifty:
No just used Picutres and guitext

Hopefully this shared some light on how I did things for other android developers.


Thanks for the info @funbox

By the “The Touch GUI” I mean the little Circle that you put your thumb on to rotate the camea. For some reason as the level changes it moves to different locations on the screen (both the button under my thumb and the background circle)

Ok got it. I am assuming it is movig left and up everytime the level changes. It isn’t suppose to do that. I will look at the code and emulate the samsung tab 10.1 and see what is going on because it doesn’t do it on my phone. galaxy SIII.

Thank for the notes by the way. It will help make the game better.

Great game, I’ve just tried it on samsung galaxy s3, runs very smoothly, but managed to crash it finally :).

Thanks oskanaan, I saw the crash report on my ‘Developer Console’ this morning. Could you tell me what you did to crash it. I know there is an issue where you hit the home button on the phone and then activate the game agian it will launch another instance even though one is already running. I updated with the changes from the nightly and i get a ‘out of memory error’ when I turning off and on the screen when the game is running -or- if the game is running and I click the home button and clicking on the app agian to bring it up I get the ‘out of memory error’ too. So I reverted back to the old android harness.

You can sign by installing the android plugin in the sdk (apart from pointing to a keyfile in the properties file).

I’ve tried replicating the crash again but couldnt, anyway, all I did was leaving the phone aside for 5 minutes and then resuming the game, after playing it happened…

Nice and simple. I like it very much, great! :slight_smile:

Hi @funbox, very nice game!!! I’m starting using JME3 myself, so i wonder what’s the best way to achieve an on-screen control like you have to control camera or character, etc…? Are you using nifty gui for that?


I am not using nifty just a standard picture. I wrote a method that takes mouse input and test if the mouse position is inside the picture. if it is then you select the image/button. The camera was a bit tricky. I update the joystick picture based on the touch input from android. You can use the method provided in jmonkey to get the position and pointer id. the pointer id is if one or two fingers are on the screen.

I also used a scale float that will scale the size of the image based on the android screen resolution. If the screen resolution is bigger than the scale is larger. This helps so the images aren’t small on larger screens


Hope this helps