At the end of a week, month, or year I wonder where the time went. What did I accomplish?

Inspired by @pspeed 's livestreams, I recently launched a blog at Tumblr, to serve as a diary of my open-source software activities and perhaps share some programmer humor. It’s called “Tinkering in Public”. I encourage interested folks to read, follow, and reply.

  • Do any other JME devs/users have blogs we should know about?

Not entirely sure if this counts as a blog, but I have posted a few blog-like articles about my game and the development process on my IndieDB page. Aside from my posts here on the JME hub, IndieDB is the only other place I’ve documented any part of my game dev journey since I started working with JME.


Sure that counts!

I wish more indie game devs kept blogs like yours.

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Mine is woefully out of date. As constraints on my time have gone up, I’ve limited myself more to just working on code - perhaps not always an optimal choice.

If you’re interested, it’s here: MyWorld (Page 1)