Bloom Problem Overlapping


I have a number of spheres positioned in a scene as illustrated:

As you can see the white (unlit sphere) is clearly position behind the brown coloured sphere.

Does bloom have to be rendered on a seperate pass? Currently this is how I have implemented it and it is rendered after all other scene elements which would explain why the overlapping occurs.  But when useCurrentScene is set to true the overlapping does not occur.

yes, if setcurrentscene is set to false, it renders only the objects you have added to it to use for blooming…to achieve what you want it would have to render all objects in the scene, but render the non-blooming objects in black, or similar…not sure of the best way to add that functionality to it

Ok thanks MrCoder, guess that effect will have to go for now. (Increases the frame rate anyway :D)

adamgp said:

...(Increases the frame rate anyway :D)

Really? Maybe you should add more of them then? ;)

No I mean removing the bloom render pass increases the frame rate! :smiley:

Ohhhhhh.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried overlapping a frog with an anvil

you would need more anvils. an anvil alone wouldn't cover the whole frog.

God knows what they would have to be made of either.

Something pretty damn dense to phase a frog if you get my drift  :stuck_out_tongue: