BloomFilter affects everything

I’ve applied a BloomFilter, per the example on the wiki. But now EVERYTHING is glowing. How do I make only some items glow?

I’m using mouse picking to create a list of selected items. Each click toggles the selection of an item. And I want selected items to glow.

How do I toggle the glow of an item on and off?



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I’m not sure if it’s related, but the wiki example shows a third parameter for the BloomFilter constructor: BloomFilter.GLOW_OBJECTS

I thought that would be a way to distinguish between glowing objects and non-glowing objects. However, my compiler said there was no constructor that takes three Integers, so I had to remove that third parameter.

Is the wiki inaccurate, or am I somehow missing a constructor signature that would do what I am looking for?


The wiki is inaccurate I changed some things with the bloom filter and forgot to update the wiki, my bad.

The bloom filter has 2 mode : GlowMode.Scene which is the classic bloom filter glowing everything in the scene or GlowMode.Objects that glows only objects that have a Glow Map or a glow color.

Use the latter if you want to glow only some objects, and use glow color.

Let’s say you want to glow objects in red, when you pick an object, set the m_GlowColor of the material to red, the objects will have a red glowing effect.

To remove the glow effect on an object set the glow color to black.

I updated the doc :

I looked into it and it seems there is an issue indeed, even in GlowMode.Objects, everything glows.

OK there was an issue if you used geometry that do not have a material that can glow.

It’s fixed now in last SVN

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