Hi all.

I apologize for my English.

I do not participate much in the forum, but I read it a lot.

14 days ago I started programming my first game using the Jmonkey SDK. I’ve never programmed in Java.
My idea was to program a bloxel(original!! :-D) to learn Java.

By now I gotta show on screen 400x400x256 blocks in 16x16x16 chunks. Works at 200-300 fps in my new pc, 50-80 fps in my old mac :smiley: . I added ligths and fog.

I also got to add and remove blocks. The chunk recharge in 5 ms. I built a stair :smiley: .

I wanted to share the results with you.

Thanks and regards.


Nicely done. Now that you’ve tried your hand at making your own from scratch, now might be a good time to try out a more mature project like Cubes, which benefits from multiple testers and contributors.

Thank you.

Knew the project “Cubes”, but preferred to do mine from scratch.

More screenshots. Blur Effect. Selection of blocks with WireBox. Shadows.

Making a screenshot lower the fps. Normal is 180 fps.

Thanks :slight_smile: .


BDCraft, I LOVE that tp :slight_smile: Always use it.
Good work!

Yes, purebdcraft :mrgreen:

Another screenshot:


Another one.

Hope you like it.

Hi all!

More Screenshots. Now with Skybox.

Biggest world. Save and Load from HD.


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Stylish! :slight_smile: looking forward for the playable alpha.

Test in video. Sorry for quality.


still alive?