Blurring some objects and not blurring other objects

Dear forum,

I am having a problem with blur:

I need to blur 2 boxes that i have placed under a node (call it 1). Simultaneously i need that a box placed between the two first is not blurred. This box has been placed under another node (call it 2). Both nodes 1 and 2 are directly under root node.

In order to accomplish this I adapted the DOR render pass (named it Blur2RenderPass), by removing the part that calculates the amount of blur according to a distance and by setting it to a constant value. Hence, the depth texture does not keep depths but black/white values where white depitcs the objects that are sumbitted to this pass.

For test i've created a RenderPass that contains node 2(not blurred) and a Blur2RenderPass that contains node 1 (blurred objects). They are added to the pass manager by that order.

The result does almost what i want EXCEPT that the not blurred objects gets partially blurred if a blurred object is behind it considering the view perspective.

The images depicting the result are placed in attach.

The codes (pass and test) also go in attachment (txt files and not java cause of forum legitim restrictions):

For debug purposes, when running the program:

Key 1 reduces: toggles blur on/off;

Key 2 reduces: reduces blur amount;

Key 2 reduces: increases blur amount;

Key 4 toggles between depth texture and the render texture

Help on this topic would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Separate render pass for the non-blurred node, after the blurring; doesn't help?

Hello basixs,

:smiley: it worked just fine! Thanks a million!