Blurry Textures[Solved]

Hello my fellow java monkeys.

I wanted to ask something that has been asked in a similar way, but I cannot really understand it.

I have a box, and its sides are all blurry. I’m about 95% sure that it’s because of minimapping.

However, when I turn minimapping off, I do get horrible aliasing effects and grainy like textures. So minimapping is important :slight_smile:

How do other engines deal with this? I don’t think i have really seen behaviour like this in games, so if there’s any known workaround, I’d like to know what it is. I don’t have a problem when minimapping reduces the distant texture resolution, but a box with sides should be textured on pretty much the same resolution (at least, that’s what I want to happen).

Is there any way to do that? Cause there’s no way i’m turning off minimaps even with anisotropic filtering at 8x…

Next time please do everyone a favor and search before posting.

“blurry texture” search keywords. 2nd result which is right after yours.