Boards reorganization

Edit: This discussion has broadened, and it now concerns the forum as a whole, not just 'ramifications' of jME3 in need of a space of its own.

I most definitely think there should be a dedicated board raised for development concerning jME3 only. I first thought of this as primarily a discussion I would keep in private with Momoko_Fan seeing as he's the sole developer for jME3 as it stands. What I realized was that a new board for a new branch could and will have some effects on the jME forum as-is, so I would like feedback on this.

Some "complications" involve:

  • With too many boards [new] users won't know where to begin.
  • Newcomers will direct their attention to jME3 prematurely because it is the "new big thing".

    Solutions could be:
  • Making [some of] the jME3 board(s) private. Moderators could join in when they'd like and interested developers could sign up for approval. Frequent updates would be posted and discussed in the 'releases' board.
  • Making [some of] the board(s) read-only for non-moderators. Developers interested in the 3branch would sign up for approval.

    Or maybe just a big fat "WIP" sticky would suffice… Wha'd'ya think? Just one board for starters? Is privacy overrated? Could the boards help in our attempt at finding and establishing a tiny core of developers dedicated to the jME3 branch?

Proposed changes to category ‘Others’

Tools, User Showcase, User Code, Projects & Offtopic


Category: Third-Party Development

  • General (offtopic)
  • User Showcase (showcase+projects)
  • User Code (user code+tools)

I agree Core-Dump, all tasks should be listed in google code alone. To avoid confusion from hereon, I've removed the tasks board. There was a small slip-up because bulk-moving clearly works differently with SMF 1.1.x than 2.0, so instead of moving the 20-or-so 'tasks' they were simply removed. Sorry. If someone had written anything of immense importance in this board I can always fetch an old backup once I get complete site access and restore it :stuck_out_tongue:

Architecture discussion and moderator discussion will be merged.

Possibly we could find a way to merge 'projects', 'user code' and 'user showcase' all into one? Imo the three intersect a whole lot. Actually, tools could easily go in there as well. When it comes to discussing third party tools like Blender, this sort of discussion belongs in the 'off topic' board (which should probably be renamed to 'general' something, because its content is not off topic at all).

I also don't see why 'Troubleshooting' and 'General' in 'jME Help' can't be merged together.

There's also no point in having a dedicated board for 'Releases'. Threads here should be moved to a general forum whereas when a contest is actually scheduled, this deserves an announcement.

So, it's now 'official' that Momoko_Fan's branch in Subversion is going to be the next version of jME? It looks quite promising so far, but I'm worried about the enormous problems with backwards compatibility that are going to emerge, and that jME3 will have a lot less features than jME2…

Edit: I didn't see the other thread, so my question is already answered :slight_smile: But please, please at least think of backwards compatibility while developing.

I think a new public board would be best. If you make it private, people new to jme will not see that something is going on.

I agree we should make it a public board. We don't really have an official jME3 development team yet so a private forum would not be very useful.  :slight_smile:

Some changes we can do, to reduce the number of forums:

Merge the dev general and task forum

(Maybe) merge the documentation forum with the above

Merge the architecture discussion and moderator forum

- Newcomers will direct their attention to jME3 prematurely because it is the "new big thing".

We just have to specify that jME3 is still in development and not ready for production use. People would still participate in jME2 then until jME3 matures into a product.

Yeah, I don't want to help develop JME3, but I would like to be kept up to date with what's happening with it.  A public board would be best because  I may want to help add a little to it in the future, like when I created StandardApplet for JME2.  :slight_smile:

'Tools' has now been moved into 'User Code'. The merge of showcase and projects will have to wait a bit, seeing as there's a bit more to take in consideration here with the project thread, posting standards and all.