Body flexibility , direction

Hi lets say i have a model (Human) and it has animation and skeleton .
How should i do to make it flect back ? Some thing like Mount And Blade , where you not just use animation , but has it altered by direction of flection you give to character ?
I dont know if i’ve managed to get my self clear on what i’m asking for sorry if not :flushed:

I’m unclear what “flect” means. Could you illustrate using images?

Well i was unable to finde a good image but , it make you move the top part of the body , tide to camera,without breaking it . Its one model ,but its like give player control over the bone in the back rotation , and animation follows this change . Soo if you look down ,the back is flected forward .
Like a sharp angle and animation does the same thing it do every time but with a flected back/rotated bone

He’s talking About kinematic animation. I don’t have the answer though. I’ve never delved much in to it.

I’m still unsure what you’re talking about, but perhaps this will help:

When the model’s AnimControl is playing an Animation, you can override the joint angles for specific bones in the Skeleton, such as the back or waist.

Invoke setUserControl(true) on the bones in question, then setUserTransforms().

Thanks , i will try it :slight_smile:

Did your issue get resolved?

eeehh , i probably do some thing wrong but i think i will have to give up for now on this point , probably my control breaks animation .

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But at least it could work in future , :slight_smile: thnx

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