Hello !

I'm working on a project of car racing game called Bolidz I started solo 8 months ago …

the concept is to make a game inspired from trackmania, revolt and rollcage:

jumps, loopings, speed sensations, rockets, bullets, nitro, powers-up and a lot of other cool weapons  :smiley:

The "game logic" is now quite elaborated, and I would now like to enter another phase of devellopement: my cars are free models found on the internet, but I want Bolidz to have its propers very-low-poly car models, that's why I post. Coding won't be a problem, but unfortunately I'm not good at making 3ds models …

Bolidz ( in french bolide means super-fast car) would be freely distribued over the internet, and presented to all the game contests …

Feels like a good idea to join the project ? Have a little time to model ?

Join !  :slight_smile:


Looks great bravo.

I saw you're looking for developers, I might be interested…

Feel free to shoot me an email for a collaboration,


this looks fun, i would like to create some models, but i am too busy with my own project :slight_smile:

Good looking game! I am a terrible modeler though!  :’( I am myself in need of a modeler.

Thanks for answering !!  :slight_smile:

Join !

Hi Kine,

Nice to see the progress… I'm a fan of Revolt and trackmania. It looks really fun and fast from the screenshots… I could be a tester if you want so since I'm terrible at modeling. Actually I think I can model, I just can't texturize well…

If you want I can send some examples for you from the ones I've been doing I can make them available for download.

does it have weapons, jumps and all the things that the sonic games had?

You might want to improve the terrain a bit. As right now it makes absolutely no sense to me :confused:

There are seams in the sky and the sides of the road, the car looks weird, and the lens flares are too bright.

The back mirror is nice but you might want to put some more UI around it so it doesnt just float there. Same thing for the text and speed meter.

I sincerely agree your point of view Momoko_Fan  … nothing is finalistic in these screenshots … it's just an idea leading to a project I hope !

HamsterofDeath you're right !  :stuck_out_tongue:

Join !!


let me finish hhexen first.

A short video of what I've done:

Two designers have joined me now , and maybe a coder as well … great !

Bolidz enters now a new phase !!

See you !


Cool.  Is that newer video on youtube as well somewhere?

Seems pretty good :).

Is this going to be like Interstate '76 and '82 ?

honestly , who could resist Mr Coder’s water & bloom passes ?  :lol:

psychedelic…me likey!  :smiley:

Momoko_Fan said:

You might want to improve the terrain a bit. As right now it makes absolutely no sense to me :/

That's cause it's in the future man. Haven't seen cars shoot out little balls either. But I'm sure in the future they will.

What I want to know is.. can you drive the car upside down when you're in one of those psychedelic tunnels?

That's a silly question…what good would a psychedelic tunnel be without the ability to drive upside-down?  :-o

perick wrote me he would be ok to tweak the physics part … oups …

How is it gonna be Kine? Will you give me access to a demo or something to tweak the sources or some XML?

I'll give you all the sources … you'll have to forgive my bad java  }:-@ , having never coded in this language before using JMonkey  XD

But for now the game is in very early stage of develloppement :

I've designed a focus car, found two others models from the internet + rocket launcher and riffles …

coded basics weapons ( bullets + rockets) …

Played a bit with DarkFrog Jgn ( implementing basic multiplayer would take me less than a week i guess)

Played a bit with render passes too

And now I'm testing different sort of levels …

Unfortunately I don't have news from the designers …  :cry:

See you !!