Bone and animation

Well, I'm used to work with skinned objects within ogre3d. In this api you make the model and export it with the animations. the frames of the animation are stored on a file imported in the game.

Now Im about to use bone animations within jmonkey which doesnt seem to have a system like that.

Until now, it seems that the object doesnt need to have a bone stored on the obj file, in fact I guess that the obj file just stores mesh information.

So looking at the documentation, it seems that I have to use the Bone Object, and create manually each bone which I'll attach to a mesh through its vertex. If a leg is supposed to have two bones a superior and an inferior, I'll have to create 2 bone objects and set its weights.

Are these information correct?

Is there another way to work with bones? or another way to work with animations? I wish I have more material to understand better how does it works within jme

what u need to do is animate ur character in whatever 3d editing tool u r using. export the model with the skeletal animation into one of the 3 formats: md5, collada, ms3d. then use the importer to load the file. the mesh, bone and animation should all be loaded automatically.

about the formats, i wrote the md5 importer just recently, u can find the post here. for the md5 exporters for 3d editing tools, go to here, there r several exporters.

for collada, the feeling soft’s collada exporter doesnt work right with jme, if u can get access to ncsoft’s in house collada exporter, u should be all set.

i dont know much about ms3d, maybe someone else can give u more info on that.

hmmm, thank you very much, is there an example of how to use the imported object?

mako said:

hmmm, thank you very much, is there an example of how to use the imported object?

yes. i have several examples in the package on how to put body parts together to form a complete character animation. and also some examples on how to use the binary import/export function provided by jme