Bone, BoneConstraint, moving bones by hand with constraint applied (IK, trackTo)

I’ve got a question regarding Armature movement.

What I have:

  • I’ve created mechanical model in Blender (mesh, skeleton)
  • I’ve applied bone constraints in Blender (IK, trackTo, stretchTo)
  • In blender I can move/rotate bones and constraints are applied to other bones
  • I have no animation in blender

What would I like to achieve:

  • Load model from blender do JME
  • Move selected bone with setUserControl(true) and setUserTransforms()
  • Have constraints imported from Blender applied to other Bones (as in Blender) - eg. track some bone with another bone

I was looking into the code and I am not sure, that I can achieve this in current JME state. AFAIK the constraints are imported from blender but they are “baked” on the end of BlenderLoader and they are used in animations (?). Please if someone can clarify this I would be grateful.

Now when I import model from Blender, I can move selected bone, but the constraints are not applied to other bones (only parent-child bone translation is applied).