Bone rigging: attach objects

Hello guys!
I Just finished rigging my model by following the Blender to JMonkey asset export and all, and I was wondering, If I want to attach an animated object to one of the bones of my character, is it doable?
Like Can I rig the body and the clothes separately and then just attach the clothes to the root bone of the character rig?

this is for customization purpose.

Thx guys!

nope it wont work.
If you want several parts in your model , you have to rig every parts with the exact same skeleton.
Meaning if you have some armor sets, rig them all. Have the set separated in several geometries.
Then you’ll be able to set them separately (just add them to the character node, if you use RC2 you have to remove and re set the skeleton control, when release come it won’t be necessary)

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nehon gave a good answer here:

You can get get away with some stuff with skeletonControl.GetAttachmentNode (); though

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what I don’t understand is this :
“Have the set separated in several geometries.”

so If I make 2 different blender file but with the same armature is it OK?
of do I have to do all my stuff in the same .blend??

doesn’t need to be in the same blend, you can import the skeleton from another blend file (File -> Link/Append)

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Yep, what Wez said.

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alright! thx alot guys! :slight_smile: