Bone.setUserTransforms() Bug

The scale that is passed as a parameter is added instead of multiplied to the current scale.

Guys, this is a pretty silly bug. My character looks like popeye because doing a transform for rotation on a bone (the arm in this case) requires a scale parameter to be passed and the default is the unit vector, which gets added to the default scale (which is 1) leaving me with an arm of double size. The hand, which I also modify, gets doubled again.

I could obviously just pass a zero length scale but this is not the way it worked before some updates and this is not the way it should look.

Doesn’t look good that this is the default behavior…

How am I to get this fixed?

Sorry I didn’t see your first post, I was away for few days.

You’re right about the bug.

It’s fixed in last svn


mhhh wait now that i think of it…there was no bug…

I mean now it’s not consistent with the 2 other parameters anymore.

translation and rotation are defined as increment to the current translation and the current rotation, so it should be the same for the scale.

So setting it to 0 was consistent.


Ok forget it it’s fine like this.

The reason nehon took his change back is because when transformations are combined, scales are multiplied, not added. I explained this to him and he understood.