Bones: The jME has support for bones two "sons" bones for the same root?

Hello guys,

I am developing a project in jME.

First use the Blender to create the structure and later matters in the Ogrexml format.

However I made some tests with the classes of jME and what it seems, not accepted it that exist 2 bones derived from the same bone root.

Somebody knows exists some class that allows this manipulation.


Uh, I do not know about such a limitation. Previous versions of the ogrexml importer did not allow importing models with multiple root bones, but the current version does.

2 bones derived from the same bone root

Don't understand what that means. What is "derived" means in this case? Does it mean the bones are children of the same root? Because if so this is possible.
Maybe you mean multiple root bones, that is possible too but its in SVN only, I am pretty sure the "release" version you download doesn't have these changes applied.

Thanks for the fast answers,

I'll search more and if a have another question i ask.