Is there any books that teach you programming using jMonkey as the game engine, if so can i please get a link to it

It doesnt have to be a 500 page book but something very long and descriptive that teachs in detail

The jMonkeyBook is not yet finished.

But there is the wiki documentation:

I suggest reading the beginner tutorials first, and then the advanced tutorials. They cover most of the important aspects of the engine as well as some general aspects of 3d game development.

And the stuff on the side bar:

And, if you have a quesiton, try searching for some of it’s keywords, most of beginners questions are already answered. =]

Ya i just found out about the documentation. It is amazing because it teach you maths such as the scene graph without having to read a whole book about the algebra side and i need that kind of quick learn tutorial because i have 12 weeks to complete a working game.

@mustafahossaini said:
i have 12 weeks to complete a working game.

Good luck!
@zarch said:
Good luck!

THanks bro... appreciate it ...