Anybody have any book recommendations that would serve as a primer for 3D stuff? I can follow the tutorials and modify the code and make some things work, but I still don't have a good underlying knowledge of how things work.  I'd like to know what people are talking about when they talk about shaders, and passes and stuff.  I've tinkered around and played enough video games to know about concepts like LOD and Culling, but there are still huge gaps.

So.  How did you experts learn this stuff well enough to write your own engine?

You can also try the “red book”. This one is free, but it only describes openGl 1.1. It is more than enough to get you started though

You can also purchase newer versions of the “red book” online.

I can second that. "Real Time Rendering" is an awesome book.

For GLSL (shaders) check out "OpenGL Shading Language" 2nd Ed. by Randi J Rost. (2006) [Addison Wesley], also known as "the orange book".

I've heard on good authority that its the book to get with regards to shading.

Im on page 17 of 800 so i'll confirm that in 3 months.

For everybody I'd recomend "Real Time Rendering" (second edition), by Tomas Akenine-Moler and Eric Haines. It covers almost everything you need to know about this subject with a great accuracy and it served me as the primer for further more advanced readings.

i followed your recommendation and ordered Real Time Rendering :slight_smile:

i really need to read up some more on basics and stuff.

Bit out of date that (free) one with regards to OpenGL 2.0 and all the new fancy functionality.