Boolean Set Operations on primitive solids + destructibility


I wonder if someone knows if such approach has already been implemented with jme3?

I found this

I am having some trouble converting to the required mesh where the operations will be performed, and back to the original. What I am looking for is this integration.

Let me put the idea so we can think together:

"It is simple", u are fighting with a sword; you hit a wall with it; the boolean set operation is applied to the wall, cutting it a bit; the wall mesh is transformed and physics are recalculated to it; a slash cut of the wall is created and physics are applied to it, making it fall to the floor; now imagine that on a quad-core with grenades blowing all around in multiplayer :open_mouth:

Any tips?

I have converted it to work in a map editor. What you say would be nice, but using this method wouldnt be fast enough to do it. It can take a couple of seconds to carry out a task on complicated meshes. What you want is something like this:  theres a free version in the works thats integrated into bullet.

hey! thx vm, I will keep track of DMM2 xD

d0md0md0m said:  theres a free version in the works thats integrated into bullet.

They say free version "to selected developers", somewhere else is said "to everyone", anyway it seems to not be ready yet, lets wait to see what happens :).