Bot War is now on Steam (Coming Soon)

I’ve created a store page for my game, Bot War, on Steam. It’s currently in the Coming Soon state. The game itself is ready for early access. The main thing I need to do next is upload the distributables, and make sure that when someone installs the game, that it actually works. I’m thinking, in particular, of those pesky Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable DLLs.

Anyway, check out the store page, watch the video, have a look at the screenshots, read the description, and let me know what you think. And wish me luck, because I’m nearing that nerve-wracking make or break point! :crossed_fingers:


Is this developed with jmonkey?

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Yes, of course. Why do you ask? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Probably because you mentioned a C++ Redistributable and it’s not obvious that the JVM needs that to run. When Valve set it up to install one for my game I first thought they made a mistake, then I tested on a fresh PC and it really didn’t work without it. :sweat_smile:


The MSVC redistributable is the weirdest thing ever… and I always include it in my signs that Windows C++ software development has not really advanced at all in 20 years.


MoffKalast gave you the answer :).
Nice work; I just check the game and it looks awesome. :slight_smile:

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Ah, OK. And thanks! :+1:

Do you know why the game didn’t work without it? What was the error?

The virtual machine uses C++.

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In case this is of use to anyone else, configuring Steam to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables was actually a lot easier than I thought. When you’re configuring the Steamworks settings for you game, there’s a list of redistributables, and you just have to tick which version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables you require. The version my game (and perhaps every jMonkeyEngine game?) needs is 2010, so I just ticked that. Then, when a player first runs the game, Steam installs the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributables (if it’s not already installed), and then the game starts up.

Steamworks itself takes a bit of effort to wrap your head around though, but, I did get there in the end.

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So, JVM won’t launch on a pc that doesn’t have c++ redistributable.